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Moismont Loriol Scarf

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Moismont. A need for authenticity and a return to basics tinged with a desire to escape, a touch of elsewhere in the midst of deep roots.

France and India come together at Moismont. Their scarves are made in the Indian tradition, and kneaded with a comforting and friendly softness.

Moismont designs are made by Adrien Testard, textile designer based in Paris.

Behind a Moismont scarf, we take shelter, we warm up, we cry, we laugh, we live, like behind the walls of a family home.

This is a lovely square cotton scarf decorated with flowers, offering a soft and pleasant texture, it will add a delicate and trendy note to your outfit. Wash on cold and hang dry to avoid shrinking, store untied and flat to avoid wrinkles.

  • 100% cotton
  • 35.5" x 35.5"