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Incense Burner Sampler

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An assortment of ethically sourced incenses created in small batches by fair trade makers.

Each Sampler includes a tibetan script referring to Anicca “Impermanence” - one of the essential beliefs and a part of three marks of existence in Buddhism that all things, including the self, are impermanent and constantly changing.

To use, burn the tip of the incense stick until it starts to smolder, proceed to blow out and allow smoke to flow freely through your space.

50 min burn time per stick


Sampler includes

  • 2 pure breu resin
  • 2 breu + palo santo 
  • 2 breu + white sage 
  • 2 breu + chacrona & jagube 
  • 2 pure palo santo hand-pressed bricks 

*Please burn on a safe, heat resistant surface