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DS & Durga Perfume Collection

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DS & DURGA believe the power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound.

A great scent is a keyhole into another realm; an invisible landscape that you can enter and explore any time.

Each of their fumes is a rich narrative.

all that DS & DURGA love in music, art, nature, and design told aromatically. Their scents are fragments of half-remembered myths and imaginary landscapes that invite exploration. Liner notes, playlists, images, graphics, and films expand upon the world inside the glass.

  • 50 ml
  • Glass Bottle


Cowboy grass

American sagebrush, flowering white thyme, and prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories. Perfect for robbing banks on horseback.

Radio Bombay

Transistor radio hewn of sandalwood radiates ragas in the Bandra heat. Hot copper tubes warm the soft wood releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco, cedar distillates. 


Amid the transcendental woods of the 1800s, craftsmen from the Massachusetts Bay Colony built violins and bows. Old growth mahogany, burled maple shavings, amber pine rosin, aged walnut and unique secret varnishes.

Italian Citrus

A bracing cologne of coastal Italian citrus rinds-chinotto, blood orange, cold-pressed lemon and green mandarin with ambrette seed & clean musk.

Notorious Oud

Sublime Indonesian oud with a worldwide perspective. Formulated in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with North African papyrus, Afghani saffron, and Bulgarian rose.