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Deco Mini Soap Collection

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Claus Porto soaps are made with a 100% vegetable cleansing base and enriched with shea oil for a rich, smooth and creamy lather. Handcrafted traditions perfected over 130 years ensure these soaps are luxurious and long-lasting.

Each package is inspired by certain art styles or pop culture, all of which they are famous for since 1887. 

  • 50 gram bar soaps


Lift your spirit with a guaranteed feeling of well-being. Banho’s revitalizing and zesty fragrance will give you an energizing boost and will exhilarate your senses while subtly scenting your skin. Deliciously fresh, this breezy fragrance is a stimulating citrus feast of lemon, orange, mandarin, verbena and basil, given added depth with musk and hints of vanilla.


Fresh and sweet as the blooms of early spring. Ilyria’s floral harmony will warm your senses while delicately cleansing and perfuming your skin. The fragrance is a blend of lemon and orange blossom, with mellow honeysuckle and exotic jasmine to create a fusion that’s sweet and refreshing.


A natural energy boost to instantly awaken your senses. Alface’s delicate soap is perfect for all skin types. Its sunny, festive fragrance will lift your spirits and subtly scent your skin. A heady brew of citrus and white blossom, the fragrance combines bergamot and grapefruit with musk and a generous heart of neroli and jasmine.


Treat your senses to this thrilling secret. Voga’s fragrance balances fruity freshness with understated acacia and sweet tuberose. A pinch of powdery musk adds a gentle afterglow. A captivating feminine scent to soothe your senses and leave your skin sleek and perfectly cleansed. Feminine and elegant as a white silk blouse.


Unwind with Deco’s invigorating effects. Deco’s fresh forest fragrance blends notes of galbanum and cypress with a woody composition of pine, eucalyptus and balsamic elemi. It’s rounded off with a piquant touch of juniper and cedar. As bracing as an early morning forest walk.


Sooth your senses with the delicate bouquet of freshly picked flowers Madrigal’s soft, clean scent will leave your skin soothed and gently perfumed. At the heart of the fragrance are lilac, lily of the valley and jasmine, surrounded by notes of rose and lotus, to form a delicate feminine blend.