Bellocq Herbal Iced Tea Box Set

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Ideal for the perfect summer day, this Iced Tea Sample Collection is designed to delight the senses. Made from a fetching bouquet of the finest ingredients - including fragrant jasmine, delicate rose and ripe peach - each blend is a celebration of the season's most generous bounty

To brew, combine 1/2 cup tea to a gallon of room temp water and let sit for 4 hours, or to taste; strain and chill.


No. 128 Hibiscus Moroccan Rose

22g: organic hibiscus, rose petals and natural essences

No. 129 Peony Peach

10g: organic Chinese white tea, French lavender, and natural essences

No. 13 Jasmine Pomelo Blossom

20g: organic jasmine green tea, chamomile blossoms, and natural essences

No. 134 Grapefruit Chamomile Mint

10g: chamomile blossoms, organic peppermint and natural essences


  • loose leaf tea
  • includes 5 biodegradable tea filters