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CAROLINE Shop & Interiors is the newest creative endeavor from Chicago-based design phenomenon Caroline Scheeler, a creative force who has spent the last three decades creating a distinct design vernacular that has become recognizable, coveted, and often imitated nationwide. The Geneva, Illinois-based shop features a mix of vintage, antique, and found objects and art, along with carefully curated pantry, home decor, and gift items, all guided by the overarching principles of inspiring and creating a sense of wonder for those who enter its doors, which they'll find gilded with Caroline’s signature horseshoe insignia. In addition to Caroline’s retail and e-commerce shops, Caroline offers interior decoration and styling services for residential and commercial projects and plans to launch design-focused travel experiences in the coming months.


Caroline Scheeler, a design luminary known for her remarkable ability to unearth beautiful objects and pioneer new interior trends, spent 30 years building Chicago empire Jayson Home. The interiors shop, now known nationwide, was formed around Caroline’s unique vision, which marries the beautiful and imperfect, the modern and antique, the industrial and ornate. Her creative vocabulary was informed by the earliest days of her life, spent growing up in a home that melded her architect father’s modern-Zen sensibilities with her mother’s gypsy stylings; then through her art and design education at The School of the Art Institute; and at Jayson, which she grew from a humble gift shop to one of the most revered independent home stores in the country. With CAROLINE Shop and Interiors, Caroline makes the leap from behind the scenes to create a brand where her distinct and ever-evolving aesthetic takes center stage— and is now credited to her own name.
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